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Related post: Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2004 03:45:59 EDT From: Subject: Pure Lights- Chapter 7 (fantasy)Disclaimer: This story is about a relationship between to men. flat chested lolitas nude Some of it sexually provocative. So for those of you that just want to get off, you found it in the wrong place cause it ain't here. If you are repulsed by any event or anything that is related in this story, get the fuck free lolita porn movies out. I don't know how many people actually read the disclaimers, but I'll just say this if you a minor and should not be viewing or reading this with out supervision I'd advise you leave this place before I haunt your dreams.Authors Notes: Well people here it is the final and last chapter. (Sniff) I know, it's sad but it's true. I loved writing this story and coming up with the characters in it, and got deeply involved with it. I will apologize for the long time it took me on the last chapter. I've hoped you have enjoyed my story, but fear not, I'm going to keep on writing other stories, which may or may lolita teen tgp post not be as good as home lolita no nudes this. I want to thank those who have given me your comments and remarks, cause every one of them helped me to come with some ideas and make it a story worth writing. As I come to an end of the notes, I just wished it could of lasted a little bit longer. So without any further or do enjoy the final chapter of Pure Lights.Chapter 7: The Light Of The World David retracted his sword out of the dark lords body. Fluid was dripping down the blade of the sword, falling on the pavement or on David's hands. There was no movement from anyone for a brief moment, just a cold dark breeze that passed by. "That was your call to death and death has answered so angel prepare to die quick and painful." Chaos was enraged at this point. "That was for Zach. The next strike I make on is for the world and Dean, for making him suffer so much hardship and taking the one he truly loves away from him!" lolitas in the bath David was pissed off at this point and didn't seem afraid of Chaos' threat of death. "David--" Dean started to speak as he watched the two. David looked over at Dean. lolita girls nude photography "You know since I meet you I xxx young european lolitas know there was something about you different from any one in this world. If nude lolita models gallery I die I put my faith and belief all on you." lolitas borrachas mujeres rubias David smiled strongly Tears started lolita comic russian torture to stream down his face as he heard the words come out of David's mouth. 'No I can't let lolita little pussy pics him die. I can't let anyone I love die and suffer anymore. This has to end here and now.' Dean quickly thought to himself. Flashes of faces of memories flashed though Dean's lola nymphets pics nude mind. He remembered when little lolly girl models he first encountered Matthew his beloved angel, of the night he had saved him. Images of finding out that Crystal was a pure light shot by next. Myra, and her copper red hair with a smile always on her face. Zach, and how he could make anyone laugh and be cyber lolita nude preteens annoying at some times. David, and the way that he was always the responsible one and cared about his friends around him. Then Nathaniel, for teaching him to fight and make use of his pure light powers. The light around his heart started to grow stronger with every memory as beastiality 14 yo lolita lolitas teens models kids they passed. At the far end of the block in the barrier protected building the light around Matthew grew brighter as well. All Dean could loli repon dorki info do now was watch the my boy lollipop mp3 fight between David and Chaos. Under video girls lolita nymph his shirt the stone on his necklace started to glow dimly. lolita girl model top Chaos formed a sharp object from his hands. It grew until about the length kds loli rompl dorki of David's sword. "Come then angel, kill me if you can." Chaos encouraged David to make an advance towards him. David grinned and charged at Chaos. David lifted his sword over his head and jumped in the air above Chaos. In a matter of a second Chaos was no longer standing where he zep's lolita bbs guide was. David landed, and preteen lolitas bbs boards was impatient. "Enough of your trickry and being a coward you dark creature and fight lolita pics gallery index me!" David called out. "If you insist!" David heard a dark voice above him. Chaos came falling straight on top lolita links bbs toplist of David. David with his quick reflexes put his sword up to block the sharp object that was la lolia sex v Chaos grew out of 8 y o lolitas his hand. Laying on his back on the pavement David fought against the dark lord, from striking him. From out of the underage lolli kid pics corners of his elbow two more sharp black object grew out of Chaos' body and struck loli preten pussy pics through David's skin. David let out a scream of agony. "Come on you can do better then that angel." Chaos chuckled and extracted the sharp objects back into his body. "Stop it now Chaos! Your fight is with me and only me remember." Dean stood up and yelled that at the shadowy creature. Chaos looked over his shoulder at Dean. "Well then shall we underage nude lolitas com get this over with analyse publicite lolita lempicka then??" Chaos removed himself from on top of David, and walked towards little lolita tits tgp Dean. "The quicker it's over with forum lol model preteen the better the world can be rid of you Chaos." Dean snapped back with more tears running down his face. "Why what daddy loves loli girl ever is the matter pure light, you don't like to watch the suffering of your fellow commrades??" Chaos provoked a question. "Your reign of terror is past it's due and I'm here to collect." Dean started his charge at Chaos.Dean produced a sword of light and swung it at Chaos. little nude lolita galleries Chaos jumped in the air as he did with David and tried the same manuever. Dean quickly flipped backward and struck Chaos' jump attack on him with a back kick. Chaos flew backwards and hit the pavement with a crash. Dean was back in a fighting stance. "Sorry about that, but it won't work on me." Dean grimmaced."Well aren't we smart, then let's see who smart you are went loli young pic model I pull another trick out of my magic hat." Chaos said and made doubles of himself. There were several forms of dark lolita bbs warez Chaos ready to charge on Dean, circling him. Dean looked all around him, making sure to keep a careful eye on which one might strike first. Dean then sensed the one from behind moved towards him. Dean back flipped in the air and landed behind the dark clone and struck the clone in the back side. forbidden picture links lolitas The clone turned around and with a swift slash cut the clones head off.Back in the building where Matthew was being held captive, Matthew's heart started to beat loud and glowed.Dean went through four clones without having a scratch on him. He pointed his sword at the third clone to the right, "You come and get me if you dare." Dean smiled and waited for the clone to come towards him. The clone raised the razor sharp object but was stopped by Dean's sword. Dean closed his eyes and whispered something. The clone got impatient with Dean and tried to overpower his guard of his sword. When Dean looked up and opened up his eyes, Dean let his guard off young lolita models usercash and moved out of the way. From under the clone a tower of light shot up burning the clone to ashes. "Five down and two to go, but one is the real dark lord." Dean panted as sweat started to drip down his face.Both of the Chaos' attacked that the same time. Dean didn't expect this and jumped young lol boy pic up in the air and over their head. Before Dean could do anything one of the Chaos' screamed in agony as a blade pierced through him. David was standing behind him and smiling. "Sword of Light!" David chanted and the sword glowed and slid down to lolita girls toplist galleries the ground and the clone faded in a dark cloud."Damn you angel!" Chaos groaned, and top 100 lolota models moved in towards David.Dean heard the tearing of muscles as Chaos's fingers turned into sharp objects and pierced through David. David had his mouth opened and gasping with pain. Chaos laughed and extracted the sharp cp lolitas child modelsnudist fingers. David collasped to his knees and looked up to the sky. free forbidden loli pics More tears fell down Dean's eyes. "Now to get their lights and put them out forever!" Chaos extracted David's light, and then Zach's. When the two balls of light were floating in Chaos' hands they suddenly flew to Dean's necklace. "What the--" Chaos was then blinded by light. A dome of forbidden links lolita nude light expanded over the city. Dean was floating on his back. He opened his eyes and stood up. "Am I dead?" He whispered."You're still alive." A familiar voice spoke. Dean looked up in front sky lolita cp top of him and saw five glowing sparks of light. lolita pre teen tween They all took shape. Dean went wide-eyed. lolita models free galleries "Crystal, Myra, Trinity, David, Zach!! But you're all dead." Dean was so confused."No we still live in your heart." Zach smiled."Look at your necklace silly." Crystal laughed.Dean looked at his necklace and noticed it was glowing and lolita art bikini pics it was radiating a warm glow. "There was a reason why we gave you that necklace Dean." Myra explained to Dean.Dean looked that Myra sky girls lolita preeteen in surprise. "We knew if this day came that you would need all our help to overcome Chaos and finally bring light and underage latino lolita pics peace back to this world." David added."So what you are saying is that all of your love in nature lolita free pics making this gift was to house your love, belief and hope in me?" Dean asked."You got it Dean. Now to release it's powers." Crystal, Myra, David, Zach, and Trinity put their hand over the glowing stone of the necklace.The glow grew even brighter. "Can you feel it Dean? Can you feel it pouring into your heart?" Crystal asked.At this point Dean closed his eyes and felt a lolita girls naked pics burning inside his heart. "I feel a warm glow within me." little lolita nymphet bbs Dean spoke."Yes it's very small porn lolitas your love for us all and Matthew. Unite it lolita dream board bbs with the ls model images lolita power within the stone." They all said.Dean concentrated deeply. All three of his light power glowed with intensity and started to pulsate. The glow of the stone also pulsated with the light. The five spirits turned back into sparks and flew into the stone once more. The stone shot out rays of light and wrapped around Dean. Dean was blanketed in the rays of light. His hair started to grow russian top lolita incest longer and his eyes glowed with gold light. The rays of light then burst leaving Dean half naked. Around his waist there was a white cloth that in the middle teen young lolita topless of his legs extended down to his feet. His body was outlined with a white free no nude lolitas glow of light. "Now waken Matthew Dean with your heart!" They shouted in unison."Not if I can help it!" Chaos came out of nowhere and tried to strike Dean, but Dean avoided the assult.The light that covered the city nude lolita modeling thumbs soon faded. "Now call him for Matthew." Mrya told Dean.Again Dean closed little princess lolitas naked and concentrated, inside his heart he called Matthew's name. "Matthew! Matthew!!" He said over and over.At the same time the light around Matthew covered the room. Matthew slowly opened up his eyes. The first thing he heard was a voice call his name, "Matthew! Matthew!!""Dean, nude lolita 12 yers I hear you. I can feel you in my heart. The light from you is warm and strong." Matthew spoke still on his lolita underage illegal lolitas back floating in mid air."My angel, it is time we reunite, and finish Chaos once and for all. Synchronize your heart beat with mine." Dean advised Matthew.Matthew closed his eyes and listened to Dean's newstar top bbs lolita heartbeat. Matthew then disappeared through the wall and preteen lolitas nn galleries flew to Dean. Matthew and Dean's spirit became one and there was a naked russian loli anime flash of blinding light.The light soon faded and Chaos uncovered his eyes and look at what was in front of him. "What's sweet little angels lolita the--!" Chaos said at what he saw.Floating down to no nude lolita modles the ground was not Dean or Matthew, but both combined. Long golden hair, and eyes that glowed pure white, half naked with the cloth that Dean wore, and wings made of pthc bbs site lolita pure light. History will not repeat itself like the tragety long ago. The only that will repeat itself is the erradication of the dark lord of darkness." The being said."Fat chance of that repeating." Chaos laughed it off, and sent black beams of light at the being.The beams met a light force field that covered the being. When that didn't work Chaos flew towards the being. The being just moved to the side and let Chaos fly by. Chaos flew into naked lolita girl dancers lollipop girls jan mclean a pile of rubble. "So you want to play it that way huh? Well, teen nude young lolli now I'll release my true powers. Dark lights come into me and give me all your power!" Chaos' eyes glowed red.Streams underage lolitaz girls xxx of black light flew to Chaos. Chaos glowed red and grew stronger. Sharp spikes formed out of his shoulders arms, legs, and head. "Now begins the fight for this world." Chaos laughed.The being just looked over his shoulder and didn't move. Chaos then ran towards the being and a sharp blade formed out of his wrist. When Chaos striked, the being disappeared. "Come back here so I can finish you off." Chaos looked around being on his guard.The being reappeared behind Chaos and send a ball of light at Chaos. Chaos roaded in pain as the ball burned a mark in his back. "What are you?" Chaos asked."I am a triple light angel, you're worst night mare." The being answered and spread nude lolita studio sites his wings and sent feathers of light at Chaos.The light feathers pierced through Chaos girl tiny sex loli like it was nothing, causing more screams out of Chaos. "That's impossible, no one or nothing is stronger then me!" Chaos weakenly spoke to the being.Chaos then attempted to send a beam of dark lightning at the triple light angel. He then screamed again as the angel sent his own attack bbs lolita google wordpress back at him. Now is the time to fill this world with light and finally put an end to your dark ways." The angel said and raised his right arm up.At the end of his finger the angel then produced a tiny ball of pure light. The angel then aimed the ball at Chaos. The ball shot at forced lolita sex pics Chaos at a rapid speed. dark lolita rape pics The ball landing inside of Chaos where the heart area would be. "What, was that suppose nude under 18 lolita to heard?" Chaos chuckled.Chaos then clutched the area where the ball of light entered. "No this can't be happening!!" The dark lord was in tremendous pain.Rays of light started to shoot out of Chaos's body. His body slowly filled and started underage lolita hard core burning into ash. "Curse you--" Was the last words that were spoken from preteen cp lola pussy Chaos.Soon the angel glowed and Dean and Matthew's body split. Dean was wrapped in Matthew's arms. "Now Dean, you and Matthew must bring back the light to this russian lolita watch online world." free pic kiddy lolita Dean and Matthew heard Mrya's voice.Dean and Matthew loli top kds dirty looked each other, not saying a word. Their lips joined each other as they glowed and flowed to the sky. Sparks shot from them and went all directions like fireworks. Just in that moment both their hearts glowed and a ball encased the world. The sun shone through the white clouds as they slowly floated back to the ground.Once on the ground their friends appeared and ran to both of them laughing and crying in joy that beautiful lolita pay sites they won. Behind them Trinity stood smiling. "Trinity, um.. thank you for everything." Dean walked over to Trinity and shook his hand."I'm glad that you finally got your angel back, it's good to see loli free pics girls a ukraine preteen lolita models beautiful preteen sexy lolitas smile on your face instead of a frown." Trinity smiled.Dean looked behind Trinity and saw a man in a free pre lolita xxx white uniform and blonde hair. "W-what is it?" Trinity asked.Dean just smiled and pointed behind Trinity. Trinity turned around and saw Orias. Tears of joy filled his eyes as he ran towards Orias. The both locked on to each other and embraced in a kiss. Dean's eyes started nude loli art shameless to tear up. He wiped the tears with his hand, and he felt arms embrace him. "They look happy don't they?" Matthew asked.Dean nodded his head in agreement as they watched Orias and Trinity shot like a lolitas 12 year pussy rocket into the sky.When they got back to the island they were overjoyed that light had returned and the victory.*************************************** The next day the sun little nude russian lolitas shined through the doors of the bedroom window. Dean was facing the door and looked outside at the rising sun. Matthew free love lolita galleries had his right arm over Dean, both of them naked under the sheets. "What are you lolitas naked and nude thinking about?" Matthew asked. "Oh just how wonderful it is to be with you once again. I've missed you so much." Dean replied, "And you know what?" "What?" Matthew asked. "I'm glad that you're my angel, I'd don't know where I'd be without you." Dean looked over his should and smiled. "I glad that I was your angel too, I wouldn't trade you for anything in the world." Matthew kissed the back of Dean's neck. Dean rolled over and they both locking in a deep kiss and Dean put the sheets over them.THE END!!!!************************************************Well there it is!! (Sniff again) I hope you enjoyed. They finally got to be with each other again, and I'll tell you they did a little something-something. lolita sex young porn So, but don't be sad that the story is over with. All stories must end sometime in some ways, even though we didn't little nude lolita pic want it to. But hey, I'm still writing stories. So look for my other story coming here soon called "Wolf Guardian". ukrainian lolita lolita model Thanks for your support, and bbs lol to teen if you wanna drop me a line (here's my email site pti lolitakirjp lolita again) contact me at See ya around.
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